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By registering and playing Questers World, you agree that you will adhere to the following rules.


1. All players must respect others at all times. Players may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. Players may not use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language. Players may be private messaged when breaking this rule and asked to not use such language in world or common chat, or they may be muted. Players that show blatant disrespect for rules will have their privilege of playing on our server revoked (banned). Cheating is not tolerated. Bots, scripts, or any other third party software other than an auto-clicker is not allowed and is considered cheating. Anyone found cheating or bragging/claiming that they are cheating will be banned. We monitor the game server to ensure fair game play for all. Anyone found taking advantage of a glitch for advantage in game is subject to a ban. Our server has a nice friendly & helpful atmosphere. Those who come only to disrupt this atmosphere will be removed. Please obey any request made by GM. 


2. Players may not post or announce any player's real world information (name, phone number, address, etc...) through world or common chat. Any private information given out, must be done in pm and with the player's permission. Sharing, trading, selling, or lending account, account information is not allowed. IP address is logged when making account, and logged when playing in order to prevent account theft. Creating characters with names similar in nature to others already on the server with the intent to impersonate, defraud, or harass players, will not be allowed. (This includes creating names that are similar to a GM's name)


3. Players may not spam, flood, use foul or derogatory language or racial slurs in world or common chat. No discussions in world/common chat on Politics, Sex, Sexual or Gender Preference. If you must discuss these items please use different chat other than world or common chat. We do have young players so world chat is to be kept clean at all times. Factions may set their own rules about their chat but world chat and common chat must be kept clean. Players may be muted or banned according to the severity without warning. Foul language is not allowed or tolerated. This includes player names and faction names. Derogatory, racial, pervy, vulgar, or sexually related character names are not allowed. All character/pet names must be made with standard English QWERTY keyboard. This means NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS. Toons will be deleted if found with foreign or special characters. You can have up to 4 accounts per person. If you make too many accounts, the server will flag your ip and no accounts will work.  VPN is considered cheating and is not allowed and will result in a ban. Due to bad people in the world, the game server does checks on usernames, emails, and ip's to prevent spamming, account theft, cheating, ect, and server will lock accounts it finds that meets the threshold for any of these. Account owners will then need to contact the admin through email to recover those accounts.


4. Only one player per person is allowed at events, nation wars, territory wars or outside of safe zone. (this includes buffers or healers) Anyone found with more than one toon at events will have all toons booted from server for remainder of event.. No PVP, Duels or PK during events unless the event is specified as a PK event. Only one toon at a time is allowed out of safe zone. This is to keep everything fair. (Thousand Streams and Dreamweaver Port has safe zone leveling - a second toon can be in safe zone gaining exp - 2 toons max irregardless of how many in household). Households with more than one player will need to email and let us know all of the account names and who is using them.  After you have sent in email notifying us of multiple players, any new accounts made will also need email. This allows us to run checks to verify that these accounts are not running from same computer. Anyone found trying to subvert rules by falsely claiming they have more than one player will be immediately banned. 


5 On our server, PVP is a choice. If you go "White Named" it is your choice, and you become fair game for any other "white name" player (With the exception of events) Any PVP "EVENT" on the server will never require you to go "white name". There will be no complaining in world/common chat about being killed if you are "white named". This also includes egos/bragging/calling players out to PK due to someone being killed. We do not desire these things in world/common chat as it reflects poor sportsmanship. If you do not wish to die, do not go white name. We have a pvp event, Nation Wars twice a week where player "takes" different maps. Once a player starts a map, they must finish it before leaving. Starting one map and leaving to start another (without finishing the map) is called "map jumping" and is not tolerated. Player may leave map while unfinished only if another player is on the map. Players 95+ can join an Order in Morai and participate in Weekly PVP event, Mayhem in Morai. No white name is needed for Morai PK/PVP Event and there is no penalty of death (no exp loss). We also have a faction vs. faction event, Territory Wars weekly. We ask that you do not go past the last two towers on the field and kill. Spawn-killing is not allowed. That is just bad sportsmanship. Our goal is to ensure a fair game for all. 


6 Please keep world chat drama free and rated G. Sometimes what you may think is a joke may not be same to others. If someone  No QQing allowed. No complaining or begging for levels, items, coin, or asking GM to spawn mobs ect...(this includes asking GM or ADMIN in world chat or pm) GM/Admin will not teleport, level or give out any items. If you have an issue with something, please pm Tap in game or send in email. World chat is not the place for it.


7. Please obey GM at all times. We will pm you if there is any issue, we will never say it in wc because it would only create drama. Please obey GM at all times. Please be courteous and respectful. If you choose to appeal or if you disagree with something a GM asks you to do, DO NOT do so in world chat to create drama. Please do not respond to GM pm's in world chat. There is no need for it there and it will only create drama. Displaying any issues in world chat for public appeal will not be tolerated, and can result in undesirable consequences. GM is available to answer questions and address issues. Email is available and recommended for any issues. This will allow more detail of issue as well as screenshots. 


8. Our servers are free to play, there is no need to donate to become the best player. With just a little effort, everyone is able to get everything they need without donating. Donations are only used to cover cost of operations. Any extra funds are used to help promote the server. Donators have no advantage over Non-Donators because everything that you can buy, can be found in game with just a little work. Our goal is to provide a fair game for all in a drama free environment without having to worry about paying for it.


9. You can contact the admin regarding issues, complaints, suggestions, ect... by email: We have a Facebook page is to keep everyone updated with latest information and is NOT a place for complaining or QQ. Any posts doing so will be considered irrelevant and removed. Please use the messaging feature on Facebook to ask questions, questions posted on FB page will be deleted. (email is preferred method - we answer quickly)


Use only numbers and small letters when creating account.
Any capital letters used while creating account are ignored by the server and treated as small letters.

Temporary, Disposable, Fake emails or too many accounts will only result in account being locked.


 By clicking button below, you agree to abide by the above rules.